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About Us

MAYBOW about us food factory

"MAYBOW" was established in 2010, and it is a professional food factory that manufactures the products related to grass jelly. It has been cultivating the traditional grass jelly market for decades, and then has studied the types of Taiwan grass and It has been plant for several years, so it is very professional for the varieties, planting, exposure, storage, cooking and production of grass jelly. ”MAYBOW” has used the experience of grass jelly production for many years and want to bring the authentic Taiwanese grass jelly to the whole world. Therefore, Luscious Food International Co. LTD. has use “MAYBOW” as company brand name, hoping to make more customers know and continue to support us. 


MAYBOW provides more than just a commodity, but a feeling of happiness.




MAYBOW about us grass jelly

          Luscious Food International Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 

          and is a restructuring of MAYBOW. It  is based on the 

          company's professional food factory specializing in the

          manufacture of grass   jelly related products. We are more

          deeply involved in food materials R&D, production of a

          variety of food ingredients, become a professional food

          material factory and provides more services.


           We committed to food safety regulations : 

           2018 Passed HACCP, ISO22000 food safety double certification.

           2015 Apply for food factory registration certificate.

           2015 The food factory operation process complies with the GHP standard.

           Sterilization standards meet US FDA Low Acid Food (LACF) sterilization process standards.

           2014 Log in and establish a food safety mechanism