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In the agricultural era in the early days of Taiwan’s recovery, there were many people who produced and sold Xiancao. However, the ancient method of refining the grass is so versatile, and the skills of the fire are required. It is necessary to have the perseverance to stand by the high temperature fire, in order to launch a soft Q refreshing jelly in the hot summer days. The number of people who can persist in passing on the good taste is decreasing...


He, A Shunbo, was born in a family full of fairy grasses since childhood. His father devoted his life to the production of fairy grass. He inherited his father's good craftsmanship. In response to the large demand of the market, he expanded the scale of family-style production in 1965. Wholesale production, in 1985, the establishment of Xingchuan Food Factory, became the traditional market of Taichung in the Taichung market, established a good reputation, the next year a well-known fairy grass honey factory came to ask for OEM cooperation. In recent years, due to the large amount of cheap imported dried grasses on the market, and the loss of good taste, he has gone into the mountains to plant grass with Taiwanese flavor.


A Shunbo’s enthusiasm and professionalism in the grass are incredible in the eyes of relatives and friends. He constantly found problems and researched in the production process, specializing in the varieties and characteristics of Xiancao. The time of a Jiazi has passed, and he will never leave the fairy grass he regards as a treasure. Established in 2010, Meixi Enterprise Co., Ltd. provides high-concentration fairy prairie juice. It is a full 8-hour ancient method to extract dried scented dried grass, extracting the jelly of the grass and the strong grass scent, which takes a long time and high cost. Adhere to the natural and pure friends who love Taiwan's fairy grass, reproduce the good taste in our memory.




At present, the third generation has received the Xiancao factory from Ashunbo, and the factory has been operated into a professional Xiancao manufacturing company [Yuqing International Co., Ltd.], striving to improve the quality of Xiancao products and diversify the products of Xiancao. : 3 liters of high-concentration Xian grassland juice, 2 kg of tender Q Xiancao frozen, 1 kg of ingredients, and other different packagings, and introduce advanced packaging and sterilization technology to make our Taiwanese delicious grass products , to spread the fragrance to different markets in different specifications.


MAYBOW give you "the most natural taste"