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Product Introduce


MAYBOW Concentarted Juice


Strictly select Taiwan's mesona, follow the ancient method for eight hours boiling, and give you a high-quality herb juice with aroma. This product is high temperature filling and high temperature sterilization. It is absolutely free of preservatives. Our herb juice has passed the international certification inspection center SGS inspection. Herb juice can be made into a variety of health products such as sweet herb drinks, tender grass jelly, and delicious hot grass jelly.


Different from the traditional way of using can (tank) packaging, we chooses food grade PP bottle and the feature is high temperature resistance (about -20 ° C ~ 140 ° C), can use to high temperature filling and high temperature sterilization, so that our products can have an 18 months shelf. Instead of the traditional iron can packaging method, the main reason is to eliminate the inconvenience caused by the iron can:

  1. After the can packaged, the herb juice will have a rust smell and affect the taste.

  2. The handling of the cans is heavy, and the opening of the cans is not easy, and the user's operation is not convenient.

  3. Refrigerator the cans after opened. If there is no cover, the flavor will be lost in 2~3 days, and the rust smell will effect of herb juice.


Our herb juice is sealed at high temperature, that is, the high-frequency packaging method is used to seal the bottle mouth.

The sealing film, like a milk bottle, is easy to torn and hygienic. If you can't finish in one time, you can lock back the bottle and refrigerate it. It’s can extend the shelf life of the flavor, and do not worry about the occurrence of bad smell.

In addition, we have a careful scale design, which can accurately tell you that our capacity is enough 3L, and you can use the empty bottle to measure the water level during cooking, which is convenient for operation.

And the hand-held large handle design allows the user to take the product with ease and effort.


Product advantage : 

1、Stable quality and good taste.Each batch of herb juice must quantitatively measure multiple values such as concentration value and pH value.

2、3L bottle with sealing film, easy to use. Refigerate after open can keep the flavor, easy to saving.

3、Herb juice is sterile state. Opened, brewing with hot water and enjoy, no need to boilig.