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Summer Recipe

We offer a variety of detailed summer and winter fairy grass recipes for DIY who love the grassy fragrance, 
and there are many videos to teach you are not afraid of learning!!

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Judging the quality of the commercially available Herb Juice is mainly from three aspects:


Taste: In what we consider to be the most important of the three judgments, there are many commercially available fairy grasses that will be bitter or sorrowful to drink. This is not a normal appearance! The grass planting should be like tea, the higher the mountain The more the tea is fragrant and sweet, the beautiful grass is planted on the 800-meter high mountain, so that our sensation tea is fragrant and sweet, and it will not have bitter taste, so people want to drink it again. drink.



The biggest feature of Herb is that there will be thick gelatinous ingredients when cooking. For example, when you make Xiancao dry tea,

you will definitely drink the smooth taste brought by Herb when you drink the entrance. That is the proof of the gelatinous ingredients.

There are many commercially available Herb plus flavors. When you drink it, you will find only the taste,

but it tastes like water and has no smoothness. It is the standard spice tea!!

For Herb Juice to be made into Grass Jelly or Hot Grass Jelly, gum is more important. When the gel is insufficient, 
the traditional practice of adding only a little starch slurry is definitely not enough to make it stable
 (not to mention that many raw materials are Imported sub-products, 
so judge whether the commercially available Herb Juice has cut the glue for the glue, or do the inspection by Grass Jelly. 
You will find that Grass Jelly made by Herb Juice is absolutely fragrant, flexible, delicious and has teeth.



This is the most subjective of the three judgments, and each person's definition of aroma is not the same. The aroma of traditional Taiwanese Grass is mild and fragrant and not too rich and sultry. Judging whether there is a way to spice up can see if the Xiancao dry tea or Hot Grass Jelly cups after drinking have a strong fragrance for a long time, which is usually the taste of spices!!



Unscrupulous operators will add a lot of substances that cause chronic damage to the human body when they sell Grass, and we can do DIY to avoid the poison of these substances, so that our family can eat healthy and at ease. Also welcome everyone to share the Grass recipes for us to share with us, we will be the author of the name.