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DSC057691Hot grass jelly

【Material】MATBOW Herb Juice 、wather、MAYBOW Tapioca Flour、sugar, IngredientsSweet potato balls、Taro ball 、Honey beans.

【Practice】MATBOW Herb Juice and wather proportion is 1:4

Step1. Prepare a cup of 100 ml of MATBOW Herb Juicecup1

Step2. Wather 350 mlcup2cup2cup2cup3

Step3. Place 350 ml of water in a pot and boil, then pour in 100 ml of the grassland juice and boil.

Step4. Mix 50 ml of water and 3 g of potato flour, and pour into a boiling pot.



Step5.  When the grass juice and the powder are boiled together, and then boil for 2 to 3 minutes, add the favorite ingredients.